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MWBE Services/Benefits

Minority and Woman owned Business Executives (MWBEs) have access to numerous benefits and services – including educational workshops and content plus a wide range of networking opportunities. This section briefly outlines some of those benefits. For more information, we encourage you to contact a specialist today in regards to certification.

Diversify-NY, LLC’s certification process involves individual analysis of every firm applying for certification. Prior to accepting clients, we prescreen for the certification eligibility of minority-owned, operated and controlled businesses (MWBEs). Our standardized procedures assure consistent and identical review and certification of MWBEs throughout. Diversify-NY, LLC is the only privately held company providing certification assistance in Central New York. where MBEs are genuinely minority-owned and operated, and ready to do business.

  • Access — Means MWBEs doing business with MWBEs and forming a joint venture for success.
  • Contractor Forums — Allow minority entrepreneurs to present themselves to hundreds of prospective buyers in a single setting.
  • Customized Executive Training — Concentrates training and technical assistance into leadership tools for CEOs of minority-owned firms.
  • Networking — Provides expansion of relationship-building opportunities with corporate buyers.

And a variety of other formal and informal activities to foster the development of long-term, mutually beneficial business relations – bringing corporate purchasing people together with representatives of minority businesses.

Standard Services

Diversify-NY, LLC provides the following standard services for certified minority business enterprises (MWBEs) without additional charge:

MWBE Certification

These services are offered at no additional charge and are not limited to the following:

  • Certification process
  • Post-certification marketing and outreach
  • Inclusion in and access to the Diversify New York Supplier Database
  • Discounted fees for registration at Diversify New York events
  • Eligibility for participation in Diversify New York’s development programs
  • Advocacy

Enhanced Services

Diversify New York provides certain services, subject to availability, to certified MWBEs for no additional cost.

Diversify-NY, LLC- MWBE

These services vary throughout the network and may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Industry Groups and Committees
  • RFPs/Business Leads/Alerts for procurement opportunities from corporate members
  • eNewsletter – Coming soon!
  • Training webinars
  • Educational programs
  • VIP access to networking events
  • Calendar of Events

Subscription Services

Our consulting team may offer a variety of services or programs on a subscription basis. The suite of services offered by Diversify-NY, LLC reflects our unique capabilities, such as industry expertise, geographical proximity to desired potential customers, or development programs for certified MWBEs. Some examples of subscription services are:

  • Access to top corporate purchasing agents
  • Premium business connection outings and networking events
  • Region or industry-specific newsletters
  • Vital introductions to national corporate members
  • Specialized procurement conferences & Trade Fairs
  • Supplier Diversity summits and roundtable discussions
  • Professional development fellowships
  • Mentor-Protégé pairings and other educational or development programs
  • Technical and/or financial assistance and support

Certified MWBEs, who choose to do business in a service area other than the certifying council, are offered a set of subscription services. You can obtain more information about our services by contacting one of our certification specialists. Subscription services may be purchased as a bundle of services or on a pay-as-you go basis. Some services may be specific to a dominant industry or unique to the region or market in the service area. Other services will be based on Diversify New York’s ability to provide specialized services, for example, office rental or technical support.